Bon Voyage with Francine

“Are we there yet?”  We’ve all heard that before; right?  Well, it never looked so cute as it does on today’s card by Simplicity Sister, Francine Vuilléme.

Francine Vuillème for Penny Black Simplicity

Francine’s stamping and pencil coloring on craft really pops!  Be sure to check out her complete supplies and instructions, linked below.


Download complete supplies and instructions HERE.

SHOP FOR TODAY’S FEATURED PENNY BLACK SUPPLIES: 30-224 Bon Voyage, 51-033 Silver Linings


click HERE

4 thoughts on “Bon Voyage with Francine

  1. Francine, I love this card, it brings an immediate smile to one’s face! How many times have we all said those words? 🙂 Your coloring, as always, is fabulous!!


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