Sweet Wishes with May

Simplicity Sister, May Sukyong Park, brings us clean and simple and sweet birthday wishes today.


Clever masking and inking make this card extra adorable.  And the center circular element draws the eye towards that delicious cupcake!


This creation would be great for any winter birthday!


Download complete supplies and instructions HERE.

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17 thoughts on “Sweet Wishes with May

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  2. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t find the 6 pictures helpful at all in figuring out how this card was made. A simple paragraph describing the process would be much more helpful in my opinion and would probably bring meaning to the pictures.

    I’ve noticed that you are apparently trying to keep the posts on this “simplicity” blog clean and simple, like the cards you are displaying here. But, in all honesty, all CAS cards are not necessarily quick and easily made. So, if a description is necessary, then put it in. People don’t have to take the time to read it if they are not interested, but those of us who want to know how it is done will love having the information.


    • Hi Clara, Thanks so much for your feedback. You will see at the conclusion of each post on this site there is a link “Download complete supplies and instructions HERE.” If you click on “here” you will find written instructions (paragraph/step-by-step) for each card. We hope you will find this information useful. And thanks for stopping by!


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